About Anglo Bomarc

Our vision is the generation of wealth through responsible investing in natural resouces and mining — wealth for our shareholders, our people, and the countries and communities with which we partner.

We aim to be the world leading natural resources and mining company focused on valuable assets of precious metal, gem stones real estate, and other important assets, growing share value by exploring, developing and operating high quality assets through our nearly 50 years' knowledge, expertise, technology, capital and operational excellence.

We are committed to a culture of partnership and the values underpinning such a culture: trust, transparency and shared responsibility and accountability. Our leaders have expertise, professionalism, entrepreneurialship and financial ownership in the business.


ANB has nearly 50 years mining operation history. Anglo was established in 1967, and Bomarc Mining was established in 1969. The two companies were merged and become Anglo-Bomarc Mines  in 1968.

The company had Joint Venture project with Cameco, the world leader in Uranium in 1970s.  It had Silver project with First Idaho Resources Inc.


ANB has mining operations in Canada and with business relations with US, Europe, China and many other countries. Currently, all the mining operations are focused in Canada. The company is planning to develop its operations globally.

Our Partnership

The company has partnership with many business enterprises in US, Europe, China and many other countries in the world.

Our Management

We have a group of professionals in mining, technology, capital market and various buiness sections who are contributed their

knowledge and experience in the company.

We are looking for more talents to join the company to grow the business to achieve success!